STE – LandLord – Prepay Meters

Using a meter

Once installed tenants top up their prepayment meters by purchasing power codes vended by Metro Prepaid across thousands of stores in the UK.
Metro Prepaid accumulates these electricity (power code) payments for any given month, and transfers these funds to the registered Landlord in the first week of the following month.

How to buy credits 

  1. Go to any local PayPoint location
  2. Show Your Top Up Number / Bar-code
  3. Pay the amount you require
  4. Keep the receipt, This has your 20 digit top up code on it.
How the meter works

You will need to buy credits for the meter in exchange for electricity you consume. When registered with the a token code entered in the meter.

The same amount of electricity measured in Kilowatt Per Hour ( KWh ) will be credited to the meter.

1 KWh is sufficient to enable a load of 1 kw for an hour, 100 watt bulb for 10 hours or a 3 kw Heater for 20 minutes.

A warning will be displayed and a bleed to alert of low credit. When the meter reaches zero the meter will disconnect and credits will be required to reconnect.

How to Top Up your meter

  1. Enter the 20 digit code on your receipt
  2. Check its correct on the screen
  3. Press enter to confirm code
  4. If correct, the display will show (AccEPt)
  5. If incorrect, the display will show (rEJEct)

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