Fire Safety

Fire Alarm Systems

Design, supply, installation and maintenance of commercial Fire Alarm Systems to suit any building type and application.  A reliable, effective and compliant Fire Alarm system is an essential investment for all businesses who want to protect their people and property.

Aspirating Systems

High Quality Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems designed to protect high risk, high value locations, including mission-critical facilities like data centres.

Aspirating Smoke Detection, also known as Air Sampling Detection (ASD) systems, can detect fires at a very early stage, even before the usual visual signs of a fire become apparent.

Emergency Lighting

Installation and maintenance of Emergency Lighting ensuring a safe escape in the event of a power cut, fire or any event affecting the power supply.  A well designed, installed and maintained emergency lighting system, combined with a fit for purpose Fire Alarm is an essential part of any building’s life safety system.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher supply, installation and maintenance, addressing the specific fire risks of your premises and ensuring your compliance.

We offer a total fire extinguisher, supply, installation and maintenance solution at a competitive price, addressing the specific fire risks of your premises and ensuring your compliance.

Emergency Voice Alarms

Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complex, integrated Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS).
EVCS (Emergency Voice Communication Systems) or Disabled Refuge Systems are designed to operate reliably in a fire alarm event allowing emergency services to be in constant contact with people in refuge areas who seek assistance. According to BS5839 part 9, there are two types of Emergency Voice Communication System ; disabled refuge and fire telephone. They may be separate, or they may be combined into one system.

Fire Risk Assessments

Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment solution to ensure your compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO).

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that any commercial premises with more than 5 occupants, whether an office, shop, hotel, healthcare facility or shared accommodation etc. must ensure that a thorough Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out by a Competent Person and is reviewed at regular intervals.

Disabled Toilet Alarms

Fully compliant BS8300:2009 Disabled Toilet Alarm Systems available as stand alone alarms or integrated into our range of EVCS.

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